News  /  15 October 2019

Every day, customers become more and more aware and more requirements to makeup market arise. However, the market accepts the challenge as the leaders of makeup innovations present their most impressive developments. That was the topic Elena Bublik, the general director of INGLOT RUSSIA, discussed on October 15 during ‘Beauty revolution: new market rules’ – a conference organized by Kommersant Publishing House in Moscow.

With the rise of environmental movement, as well as the growing number of healthy lifestyle and sustainable consumption followers, the emphasis is shifting towards the care aspect of products. The stakes are now placed on innovation and effectiveness of makeup, as well as on its natural ingredients and hypoallergenic properties. 

Modern technologies allow creating vegan makeup without products of animal origin or GMOs. We create whole lines of products like these, both for care and beauty. Professional care is represented by INGLOT LAB – creams, serums and micellar water.

Producers of makeup demonstrate increasing care about environment and health – they create biodegradable packaging and donate money to environmental organizations. That is a very encouraging tendency.

INGLOT adheres to these principles and donates part of sale profit to Project Aware Save the Ocean! 

What is more, INGLOT never tests the products on animals. Each product is made of high-quality ingredients and undergoes several stages of lab tests during production.

We believe that the way of sustainable use of makeup is closely linked to education. That is why we train our employees for them to pass the knowledge to our customers. We have even opened a new format of business through education – INGLOT PRO STUDIO.