News  /  10 April 2019

High-quality makeup at a fair price – that was the principle behind the concept and the mission of INGLOT when it was established. After many years, the company sticks to that principle. Wojtek Inglot, the founder of the company, was a chemist who started his business with breathing O2M nail enamels with high-quality polymer formula. It provided water and air permeability and guaranteed health and beauty of nails.

Later on, new workshops, own lab and distribution depot appeared. INGLOT grew to be a company of a full production cycle. Innovative technologies were implemented into the production, so quality and effectiveness of makeup dramatically increased. Thorough inspection, certification and research are key before the release of products. The manufacturers feel very responsible for their products and the health of their customers.

INGLOT has always been socially responsible: we produce bio-packaging and donate part of sale profit to Project Aware Save the Ocean!

Zbigniew Inglot took over his brother’s business and felt it was his duty to maintain the reputation of products and family. The brand’s philosophy is to keep customers coming back. It is not achieved with aggressive marketing, but with high quality of products.  

Thanks to responsible and smart approach to production, INGLOT is quickly making new partners throughout the world, including Russia. It is one of the biggest partners for INGLOT with around 66 representative offices. Russia is the place for the implementation of new developments of INGLOT lab. Following the latest trends and introducing innovations, we 

focus on professional consumers and all the women in the world.

Many years of working with makeup artists helped us understand that INGLOT makeup has great respect among professionals. We are knowledgeable and willing to share. That is why we created INGLOT PRO STUDIO – a franchise of training centers and full-fledged beauty salons. This is a unique concept.

The advantage of the franchise is that partners don’t have to make any extra payments when opening beauty studios. There is no royalty – the partners only pay for products.

We give consultations to our partners on various issues. We help with furniture – we have our own furniture production. We control the turnover and provide logistic services. 

We create comfortable conditions and competitive prices on INGLOT products for our partners. If you want to make profit with a successful project – we invite you to our big family of professionals.