INGLOT: no animals were harmed in the making of our products

News  /  28 February 2020

As ethical consumption becomes a wider consumer concern, more and more makeup companies arerefusing to test their products on animals and use ingredients of animal origin. Today, Cruelty-freeand Vegan certification is a significant competitive advantage in the fast-growing beauty industry.

Since 2013, any finished product or ingredient that was tested on animals has been banned for sale inthe European Union. The same law was passed in Norway, Israel, India and Canada. Although Russiadoes not require animal testing by law, it, unfortunately, does not prohibit it.

INGLOT is a brand that is one step ahead of the market. We do not commission tests on animals eitherfor finished products or ingredients.

In 2020, thanks to massive improvements in technology, we no longer need to test our makeup onanimals. There are many alternative methods that have been found to be more effective – artificial skin,computer simulation, volunteer testing, etc. They provide more accurate results than a single animaltest would do, since rabbit or mice skin does no behave similar to human skin. It means that productstested with alternative methods are more safe for human use.

INGLOT makeup is not tested on animals and does not contain any additives or impurities of animalorigin.

There is a list of ingredients that do not meet Vegan standards and cannot be used in the manufacturingprocess. For example, the use of red pigment extracted from carmine, a dye obtained from cochinealinsects, is banned. It is also prohibited to use beeswax, lanolin (a product of wool processing), guanine (asubstance derived from fish scales), and squalane oil primarily obtained from shark liver. Veganalternative to collagen, a protein derived from animal tissue, can be obtained from modified yeast andplants. While a vegan alternative for glycerin can be extracted from soya and vegetable oils.

Vegan and Cruelty-free certificates guarantee that no animal suffered in the making of our products.Would you do a good deed for our planet by choosing INGLOT? Yes, most likely.