News  /  18 October 2019

Every autumn is special, romantic and filled with love and care. This is what keeps us warm and fills us with energy during this season. Your skin needs tenderness and protection as well, so INGLOT created the most romantic collection of makeup for autumn 2019 called Boyfriend.

The products from this collection will take care of your skin and help it shine bright with beauty, happiness and love.

The concept of this collection is sensuality and romance. We were inspired by a true love story of an amazing couple – Elena Ilinykh, an Olympic champion in ice dancing, and Sergei Polunin, a world famous ballet dancer. Sensuality, passion and expression reveal themselves in this new collection.

The main goal of the creators behind Boyfriend collection was to introduce makeup that would meet even the highest standards of professional athletes, ballet dancers and ice dancers – people like the ambassadors of our brand, Sergei Polunin and Elena Ilinykh.

The fruit of our creation is light, ethereal textures, which are water-resistant, provide long-lasting makeup and make you feel confident about your look and everything that is going around. That being said, these products take soft and delicate care of your skin creating a protective barrier from adverse environment.

We combined all fashion trends, took into account usability and time considerations, used the latest technology and created a makeup collection that fully meets the needs of modern active beauties.

The products of this line are perfect for those who are always in action and need long-lasting and trendy makeup, which, at the same time, takes good care of the skin.