News  /  15 November 2019

INGLOT: a successful business model and new opportunities for partners

High-quality makeup at a fair price – that was the principle behind the concept and the mission of INGLOT when it was established. Zbigniew Inglot, the company president, and Elena Bublik, general director of INGLOT RUSSIA, speak about new projects and the company’s rapid development.

INGLOT headquarters is located in a small town of Przemyśl in the south-east of Poland with 99% of the production: labs, workshops, production of furniture for salons, logistic center. The full cycle of production is under control there.

INGLOT is a family business. Today, the company is led by Zbigniew Inglot, who took over the position for his brother Wojtek, the founder of the brand. Wojtek Inglot was an outstanding experimental chemist who chose cosmetics as his focus. That was the beginning of INGLOT – a company, which now supplies products to more than 90 countries, has more than 900 points of sale and continues to grow and unleash its potential.

“At the time of high speeds, we need new technology, new people, new ideas and products” – says Zbigniew Inglot, the company president.

A responsible approach to product quality and conduct of business in accordance with the requirements of all European standards are confirmed by the fact that INGLOT has all the quality certificates existing in Europe, including the JMP certificate. 60-65% of products have vegan certificates.

“We do not use parabens or toluene. All our products are hypoallergenic. We try to include as many vitamins and other nutritious elements in our products as possible.” – says Zbigniew Inglot. “Women can get makeup made of the best ingredients for a reasonable price, available to almost everybody.” That was the main credo of Wojtek Inglot and it is now the main credo of Zbigniew. The company cares about the environment and produces reusable makeup packaging. Part of the profit from the sale of its mineral powder goes to Project Aware Save the Ocean! 

INGLOT introduces innovation in everything. In the near future, Zbigniew plans to equip the plant in Przemyśl with solar panels and gradually cover the production needs for traditional electricity with solar power by 50-60%. Several laboratories are already properly equipped for that. 

Thanks to responsible and smart approach to production, INGLOT is quickly making new allies and partners throughout the world, including Russia. It is one of the biggest partners for INGLOT with around 66 representative offices.

Elena Bublik, general director of INGLOT RUSSIA, manages the company’s development in this country. Elena met Inglot family back in 1995 and immediately was impressed by the responsible approach the family has for their business. “They are so meticulous in their approach that not a single product will be released without testing, without them making sure it’s 100% safe.” – says the general director.

INGLOT has its own furniture production, which, according to Bublik, is a great advantage for the investors, because it allows opening a representative office very quickly. What is more, the company provides discounts for investment barrier of entry to the franchise for two years. The furniture can be purchased at a minimal price as well.

Today, INGLOT RUSSIA is working on a new franchising system – INGLOT PRO STUDIO. According to Bublik, the idea of opening a new direction arose from understanding how popular INGLOT products are among professional makeup artists and how they are willing to share the knowledge and experience with all who want to pursue a career in this sphere, which is currently in high demand in Russia.

“We want to raise a new generation of makeup artists with our products” – says Bublik. One of the advantages of INGLOT PRO STUDIO franchise is the absence of royalty and other extra payments. According to Bublik, the partners only pay for the product and have total support, from furniture and equipment to marketing and turnover. “Our team gives you the opportunity to make profit and makes sure you DO actually make it.” – notes Bublik, inviting everyone who wants to build a successful business for cooperation with INGLOT PRO STUDIO.