Our team

Elena Bublik

Owner and general director of Rital Group of companies


General director of INGLOT Russia, managing partner of INGLOT Cosmetics; owner and general director of Rital Group of companies, manager of single-brand and multi-brand makeup, clothing, footwear and accessories stores Elena has been in the business since 1995. She owns Para – a footwear brand. Since 2010, she has been a master franchisee for Inglot, an international brand of professional makeup, turning the company into one of the leaders in makeup industry in Russia.

Elena Olkhova

Financial director


Financial director of Rital Group of companies, assistant financial director of INGLOT Elena has been with the company since 2015. In her role, she is responsible for strategic planning, management of costs and reporting, tax planning, tax optimization and internal control in the company.

Marina Maksimets

Director for logistics and international business activity


Head of INGLOT Russia logistics department, director for logistics and international business activity for Rital Group of companies Marina is responsible for coordination of the delivery of goods from production sites to points of sale. Her work experience allowed her to create an optimal system for reducing possible delivery costs. In Marina’s work, experience and personal qualities are crucial. She is part of the company since 2002. She started with the opening of the very first footwear store in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Kristina Sagneeva

Assistant general director


INGLOT Russia’s marketing director, assistant general director of Rital Group of companies Kristina is responsible for promoting INGLOT in Russia. She leads PR, marketing and international strategic development. She has been with the company since 2012 and has managed to develop and integrate marketing tools bringing the brand to a leading position.

Evgeny Radyushkin

Assistant general director for foreign affairs


Development director of INGLOT Russia, assistant general director for foreign affairs of Rital Group of companies Evgeny has been with the company since 2017. He has broad experience in opening INGLOT representative offices throughout Russia and cooperating with foreign partners for international brand promotion. He is a certified specialist in online promotion of international brands.

Viktoria Gurskaya

Head of sales


Head of sales in INGLOT Russia. She has been working for the company since 2011 and was promoted all the way from an accountant to the head of the company’s largest department Viktoria has introduced a unique initiative for accounting partners’ balance and planning orders, which allowed for optimization of turnover of the entire retail network. Her responsibilities cover all aspects of customer and staff communication, including planning, organizing and analyzing the achieved results.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Sales manager


INGLOT Russia’s sales manager, assistant general director for retail partnerships Maria has been with the company since October 2015. She was promoted from analyst manager of INGLOT retail network to sales manager. She oversees a broad array of activities, including operations in chain stores, communication with directors, analysis of goods turnover, preparation of retail development regulations and control of their compliance.

Natalia Potapkina

Head of footwear department


Head of footwear department of Rital Group of companies, procurement director Natalia’s tasks are concept-based stocking and design of stores, merchandising, marketing and staff training. Her retail experience includes Para, Otto Schuman and world-famous Furla.

Olga Polosova

Senior partner manager


Senior partner manager of INGLOT Russia, operational manager of franchised stores Olga has been working in the company since 2015. During this time, affiliate network grew twice bigger, from 25 to 50 stores. She introduced informational portal for partners and a learning platform. Her tasks also include claim management and optimization of orders and stock. She develops and implements high standards of service on a regular basis. All the partners receive first-line support 24/7.

Ekaterina Miroshnikova

Senior marketer


Senior marketer of Rital Group of companies, creative director of INGLOT Russia Ekaterina is the creator of federal-scale advertising campaigns for the brands of the group. She works with local and international model agencies, photographers and videographers. She also works with celebrities, bloggers and influencers to gather information on brand awareness and image. She is responsible for the design of stores and new collections, as well as for collaborations.